If you started your journey with online marketing and discovered revshares, you will see that many top leaders out there amass impressive figures and make loads of money from these programs. There are a few things you need to consider when joining these and especially when you are still new to the revshare business module. They can be risky and you need to find the right strategy to make the most with your money and avoid losses.

So, I decided to share a few tips that you can follow when working with “Rev Shares”

1.) Do your research thoroughly. Make sure you gather enough feedback from various people, mainly people that you know, not just strangers.
Many times people see a well-presented opportunity and join in without doing enough research into the legitimacy of the company. Never rush into decisions. Take your time and if the offer is making you feel like there is some urgency, take extra care and question their motives.

2.) Join the FB group first!
Find the official page and the main two or three FB groups that have a great number of members, try to get to know the admins of these groups, if possible even find the owner, group admins, leading members… all these contacts are important to follow and observe their activities in the groups. Look out for negative comments but judge how objective and realistic they are, many will be small issues that people moan about. If you spot a major problem in several different posts, that should alert you about possible issues. Pay attention to the groups posts and comments DAILY.

3.) Choose the RIGHT Sponsor: someone you know or someone who responds to your messages instantly, regularly and can advise you about strategies, not just a stranger with massive results, these people often do not have any spare time to guide you. Also read the terms when you register and make sure you understand all fees and rules. Ask your sponsor about anything you need to know.

4.) Deposit only what you are comfortable to risk. (DO NOT spend all your savings or grocery money!) Every $1 you will spend will give you a return. The MORE share earnings or Ad Packs you have – the MORE cash you can make daily, but do not take blind risks, use spare money, not your life savings.

5.) Strategize: You need to find out what strategy would work best for you according to the programme’s structure.

◆ One popular strategy is the quick recovery plan – Week 1-5 (or more, depending on the amount you started with):
repurchase 100% (cash* and repurchase balance**) to give your account a KICK-START and then save your cash balance to take your “seed money” out! (in other words, the money you deposited out-of-pocket)

◆ The 70 : 30 rule – Another useful and very common strategy is the 70:30 rule. You keep 30% of your earnings and redeposit the other 70%. This method gives you a more stable route of recovering your seed while building up your account at the same time. For example : repurchase 100% for 4 or 5 days, then save your cash balance for 2 ( or more) days and withdraw.

Let’s Revise:

Step 1 is 100% repurchase at the start….Step 2 – Get your seed money….Step 3 – Build up the account with what you have accumulated.
(*Cash Balance = where your referral commissions and half of your daily earnings appear. This money can be withdrawn.)

(**Re-purchase Balance = where a part of daily ad pack earnings go towards repurchasing more ad packs.)

It is also advisable to spread your money across a few programs, generally 4-5 will be a good plan. You may be thinking: why so many, isn’t it better to focus on one?

In my opinion, and what I have learned from experience, the more you diversify your income, the safer you are from financial hardships. If you lose one source of income you can always fall back on another one.

Find the right amount and variety. Too much is not good either. Do your research, investigate, don’t just join any “shiny” program out there promising you “riches overnight”, and ALWAYS ! read the terms !

Visit the FB groups often to see how things are going, connect with your sponsor and make an effort to learn all about a program 🙂

When I research a new program, especially a revshare, I take many screenshots of their Alexa ranking over a period of time and this comes rather handy when deciding if it’s time to join in or perhaps start moving away from some. With some of the longer term revshares there is always that extra bit of hope that they will continue to be sustainable and deliver the expected results but checking their rankings every now and then might also be a good idea if we want to be objective and factual. It takes a minute to look at their figures and graphs and the website provides just about enough information free of charge, that we can (and should) involve in our research.

The revshares that I’m currently using are the ones listed in the menu in this page. For any questions about these programs, please connect with me on Facebook and message me.


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