Trading Opportunities

If you have been in the online marketplace for a longer time, you would have noticed that there are certain trends that go around and last for a while, then the hype moves on to another one and so on. In 2015 it was definitely revshares, then the trend was for hyips, 2016 saw the revival of the matrices, the cyclers, the rotators, back to MLMs[this time with digital products as a revived, upgraded version of the good old mlm] and now, 2017 is the time of the trading clubs.


Forex trading is back in fashion, just after a good couple of years after it was overtaken by the binary options wave and went into a quiet existence on the background for a long while. Well, it is definitely back but very brienfly this time around as it is somewhat marred by another new wave, trading again…this time with Crypto Currencies. Not heard of them? You know, like Bitcoin and the other 700+ of them that currently circulate on the exchanges.

Yes, the wave of the crypto trading is heavy upon us today and there are plenty of new groups, clubs and companies that pop-up each week with the promise of high returns and low entry point. Beware!

Every time a trend is peaking, the most scams and fake opps are being born. That actually creates that peak. It usually the first ones, the older dogs that pave the way for the scammers to thrive, therefore you really need to be extra cautious when you look at one of these private clubs and make sure that you spend at least a week of research and doing due diligence before jumping in with your money.

I am not writing this post to pitch to you so I shall not mention names here, but whether a Forex or Crypto Trading  opportunity is presented to you, appoach it with care, speak to people you know who can give you real feedback and just scrutinise every detail about it until you don’t have any other arguments left and then join if you must.

That’s all I can advise on a general note, for more specifics you need to contact me directly 😉

Peace and happy earnings!


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