To help you get started with USI Tech please follow these tutorials.

How to Register:

Your Dashboard Explained in detail:

After you register you will have to verify your email and the next step is to buy BTC packages.

Set up your 2 Factor Authentication:

How to Buy a BTC package with Bitcoin:

Next you will receive earnings from your packages daily. You can use these earnings to compound or withdraw them as you see fit.

How to Withdraw in Bitcoin:

If you want to use the power of compounding, you will use the rebuy option

How to Compound (rebuy) with your Earnings Balance:

If you do not complete your purchase follow this tutorial:

How to see commission earnings:

About the KYC requirements:

How to buy a package for a friend / team member:

How to buy a software License:

How to withdraw/rebuy packs with your License Commissions:

How to find your Affiliate link:

This is very simple, your Affiliate link [also known as Advertising link] is located in your main dashboard [see image below]. Originally it will not have your name in there but your member number, you can change that to a preferred name or username, team name etc..


Feel free to share with your team members.


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