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If we consider adding a passive earner, one that doesn’t depend on heavy recruitment and tons of presentations this Portugal-based company seems to be just the thing.

I have been taking a lot of risks lately, experimenting with other passive systems but I am playing it safe here by adding a much less volatile trading business to my investments portfolio. Follow 2 Win is in fact more than an investment, it is also a platform for sports enthusiasts who want to tap into the sports betting industry without getting their hands dirty. Which is exactly me in this case. I am not good at gambling and anything to do with the bets seems like too frisky for my own abilities. Hence why I like the idea to have the process done for me, by a professional sports trader Miguel Carvalho.

I had a few conversations with Miguel about the structure of his company and the business sustainability overall and I was very pleased to learn that there are a number of limitations and restrictions that he has established and follows strictly in order to safeguard his members capital. The funds are used on a daily basis but only up to 2% of your total deposit is being used in a single trade, daily the trades are between 2-10 and on weekends up to 20. That makes an average weekly profit of about 4-6%. The members receive the full profits in their account and it can be compounded and added to their deposit or it can also be withdrawn. The company takes their cut of the pie at the point of withdrawal where they charge you 5% fee.

This is a sport-tips trading club that is designed for people like myself, who are not willing to place bets or don’t even know much about sport bets at all. Sport trading is still a relatively new industry, a very interesting and lucrative one, that has been shifting over 200 million euros per day in the past year alone. Depending on the sport and championship, the match liquidity can reach millions of euros in investments. And while I have already added two forex trading clubs to my portfolio, this seems like a great choice for me to tap into the sports industry and diversify my streams.





The Company also guarantees your seed protection against mid-term losses by doing a revision of your account on the sixth month and refunding any balances that are on negative. This is not just a vague promise, it was confirmed by Mr. Carvalho on our first meeting. Generally you should expect to be in profit way before the sixth month, but this is a valuable obligation and one that I consier a big positive in my review.



And speaking of results, the company boasts about delivering 75% winning bets which sounds crazy, I know. But from the few weeks of watching their results I am going to agree that they are really close to that figure. In my own account I see about 84% winning bids which is even more remarkable, but they vary of course, we are dealing with a real person placing bets here and not just a bot. In addition to this, may I add that the guy is teaching traders of sport betting in Portugal and UK where the market is massive.


Here is a screenshot of my own dashboard from the last 4 days:



The transparency of the system is not to be left out of this review, it is a really great addition to the backoffice having the convenience of a detailed history chart of all games that have been played with your capital, with every necessary info reflected in there. You can see which games were won or lost, some cancelled. Overall transparency mark: 10 out of 10

When you first register you will be given a 2 week free testing period when you can work with a dummy account and just observe how the system operates and this is what really appeals to me too because as this is new to me too, I needed that time to get familiar with everything before putting my real capital into the system. I encourage you to give it test run because you never know if you like something until you try it. I started with $400 in my dummy account and here is a screenshot of earnings accumulated after a week. Notice the 30.88 profit is automatically added to my seed money of 400eur so if I do not make a withdrawal, my account is just growing on autopilot.


I will be adding more content here in the coming weeks.

To register for free and test-run this system, click HERE.

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To register for free and test-run this system, click HERE.


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