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When I was first approached about this new program I was convinced that the crpyto trading services were added to the system only because of the current trends, we see more and more such services popping up every week and many are simply cashing in on the popularity of the crypto currencies across the world. Is it possible that this could be just another heavy MLM with a trendy product masked as crypto trading? These were my concerns back in January and it took me a whole month to make up my mind about it.

As I have built a valuable audience, I am starting to be more scrutinising when it comes to new programs whose owners I am not connected to and it took me a while to get hold of one of the company’s directors, Mr. Joff Paradise. In our conversation I asked him in detail about the company registration and office, their lcense and the structure of their reserves and of course about the trading bot [trades are automated by a program and hence why little human involvment is necessary]. They have a staff crew of 15 and their base is in Belize, making TCC an offshore company with a worldwide license for ecommerce, operating on the web.


In short, Trade Coin Club is a membership club that offers its members an automated crypto trading service and it’s a simple way to earn secondary exclusively in Bitcoin which makes it even more attractive. Your deposit is in Bitcoin and your earnings too so if you are a Bitcoin enthusiast like myself, you’re in the right place. With the Bitcoin price at an all-time high, it is really the right time to make earnings directly in Bitcoin. Definite upside to the appeal of this business.



Three traing packages are offered as detailed below:


The return on your deposit will be accumulated daily and you can choose to withdraw your earnings and commissions or to compound – add them to current deposit thus building your account over time to maximise your gains.

Each package has a fixed lifespan and can be renewed at the end of its cycle.



Expect to see between 4-5% weekly earnings from this program on your own deposit, but that is only one way to make money here. The big money [like with any traditional MLM] come from the super lucrative compensation plan, in other words, the affiliate program of TCC


I will outline the details about the different bonuses and referral commissions in my video tutorials below, so watch out for this one.


In a competitive billion dollar market to which only a few have the access to, TCC’s software is an automated bot, a program developed by a specialized team bringing the opportunity to anybody to start in the trading market of digital coins, obtaining automated gains in three levels of risk, with little or no skills in the trading world. Members are in full control of their capital which is another important factor in considering adding this to your online protfolio.Here is the system explained in the following video webinar with the guy himself: Joff Paradise

Business Launch and Company Offices


 more info here

Step 1 : How to Register

Step 1.1 : Backoffice and Dashboard Complete Guide and Tutorial

Step 2 : Start Trading:

Step 3 : Setting up a Countersign

Step 4 : Transfer Balance + Compounding

Step 5 : Withdrawing

My 10 day update and Review of Progress